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The toolbox is a web-based solution. Users can enter the toolbox using an unique user-id and password.

Tutorial Videos

Part of the implementation is a short introduction of the system.

We improve too

The toolbox will improve too, based on your feedback and our experience. The roadmap for 2018-2020 is already there and waiting for your feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

The toolbox is an HTML solution. Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer11.0+, Edge, Safari.

The Toolbox is also available on a mobile device (smartphones and tablets)

In general we have a 24*7 availability. Ofcourse there are maintenance windows.

  • Our Continuous Improvement Toolbox (COIMBEE) is served 100% over https.
  • users have their own user-id and password
  • All of our services run in the cloud. COIMBEE does not run our own routers, load balancers, DNS servers, or physical servers.
  • All of our services and data are hosted in Amsterdam ????
  • Customer data is stored in multi-tenant datastores, we do not have individual datastores for each customer. However strict privacy controls exist in our application code to ensure data privacy and prevent one customer from accessing another customer’s data.

Data is available 24*7 and backups are made daily.

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