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Coimbee management software for continuous improvements

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Coimbee helps you with:

  • Reducing workload
  • More engaged employees; more job satisfaction; more energy; more creativity
  • Implementing more improvements
  • More successful improvements
  • More satisfied customers
  • Better overview and grip on valuable ideas
  • Learning and improving embedded in the working culture
  • Linking strategic targets and core values
  • Central registration of knowledge; get better at getting better

Toolbox for

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  • More time for students
  • Lower workload
  • Higher success rates

Healthcare institutions

  • More time for patients/clients
  • Lower workload
  • Better cooperation


  • Faster work processes
  • Less failures
  • Better cooperation

Energy companies

  • Faster work processes
  • More time for customers
  • Involved employees

Service providers

  • More attention to customers
  • Involved employees
  • Higher service levels

Estate agents

  • More time for customers
  • Faster sales and purchases
  • Better control of improvements

Consultancy firms

  • More attention to customers
  • Higher quality of services
  • Better control of improvements for customers


  • Uniform appearance in all stores
  • Higher quality of services in all stores
  • Better control of improvements for customers

Coimbee is used by

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Improving together with


Overview and control of work processes. Never do too much at the same time. Finish in the shortest possible time.


Proven approach for continuous improvement for and by all employees.

ISO 9001

Quality management, based on PDCA and continuous improvement.

SIX Sigma

A set of techniques and tools to achieve the highest quality.


Makes you agile and flexible.


Plan – Do – Check – Act, the way to deal with problems so they don’t return.


Reduces waste, reduces workload and ensures maximum customer value.

And more!

The combination of all these factors allows you to get even more out of Coimbee

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Coimbee continuous improvement tools

Kanban Board

Online 24/7 overview of all improvement ideas in your team. Move cards easily.

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Gantt Chart

Timepath overview of improvements and actions.

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Home page

Daily scrum

Look back and forward. Suggest improvements. Team development.

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Task lists

Forget nothing. Overview of delegated tasks and status.

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What do our users say?

“The involvement of our employees has improved because their improvement ideas are actually followed up.”

Annemarie MaarsHR-manager

“The dashboard provides a current overview of the results of all improvements within each team.”

Stefan de RooijCOO

“The toolbox is easier to use and provides a better overview than our old improvement list in Excel. The visual clarity of the toolbox makes it easier to discuss the improvements within the teams.”


“We use the Toolbox to improve performance and skills of our employees.”

Rik VerhoogBusiness Unit Manager

“De Toolbox ensures a clear process and enhances the culture for Continuous Improvement.”

Ramon de JongLean Black belt