Continuous Improvement: Overview at a glance
In less than 3 seconds a improvement is registered.
4. more improvements:  Like, Follow,
Share and Comment possibilities
3. share Lessons Learned
2. no stand-alone Excel sheets
1. overview of all improvements
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1. Improved business results
4. Improved collaboration
3. Engaged employees
2. Satisfied customers
COIMBEE is a web-based toolbox resulting in more and succesfull improvements.
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Much more than a digital suggestion-box
A true professional only uses the best tools:
the COIMBEE Toolbox
Easy to use
Delight customers?
Exceed expectations?
Employees have lots of improvement ideas.
1. Helps employees to come up with ideas
2. Supports in the selection of ideas
3. How to realize these ideas?
4. Creating a culture of Continuous Improvement
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Web-based Toolbox supporting Continuous Improvement

More improvements & Successful improvements: better performance and engaged employees

Trusted by customers

Companies with 50 - 2000 employees are using this powerful toolbox

More improvements

Employees are encouraged by the toolbox to submit suggestions.

Successful improvements

The toolbox supports each improvement-team realizing successful improvements

Like, Follow and Share

Each employee can like, follow and share improvements. Energizing and motivating.


Each dashboard is designed to provide the team or management with an overview at a glance

Strategic Alignment

Each improvement can be linked to one or more strategic initiative. Financial results are available for each strategic initiative

Easy to use

In just 3 seconds you can submit your improvement suggestion


All improvements are visible to every employee.

Built-in knowledge

Built-in lessons learned, hints and tips will help each improvement-team.

Engaged employees

People have become the primary source of competitive advantage. (source: Brookings Institute)

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Engaged employees submitting improvemement suggestions
Submitted improvements
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