Why Coimbee?

The major advantages of Coimbee are:

  • Coimbee effectively supports improvements
  • Clear overview of all improvements
  • Effective development of teams
  • Communication of successes between teams
  • Clear dashboards for managers
  • Powerfull support for Lean, Operational Excellence and Agile projects

Coimbee is used in successful organizations that want to get even better.

Why Coimbee?

Become even better!

Our customers are clear why they use Coimbee: to get even better. Our customers are already doing well and they do not want to lose that position. They have the incentive to get the best out of their organization. And they have another agreement: our customers are convinced that their employees are the best source of improvement!

Overview of improvements

Managers use the Coimbee Toolbox to support employees in generating, following and implementing improvements. The simplicity and ease with which an improvement suggestion can be recorded, at any time of the day, is important for employees. And the clear Kanban improvement board is also very valuable for employees, because they can see at a glance what the statuses of their and other improvements are.

Team development

Processes cannot be improved without improving the skills of team members and the cooperation within a team. Team cooperation is enhanced, among other things, by using the Day Start function in the Coimbee Toolbox. Employees get a better view of the goal of the team, how the team is performing and what other teams are doing.

Communication successes between teams

Employees can support improvements of colleagues from their own team and other teams via Comments or Likes in the Coimbee Toolbox, . Smart customers use the handy Success function to give extra attention to improvements made so that everyone can see that an improvement is successful and appreciated.

Dashboards for managers

Every manager benefits greatly from the various dashboards and reports and has optimal insight into the status and progress of improvements.

Proven PDCA-cyclus

Any improvement implementation can use the scientifically proven PDCA checklist. This Plan-Do-Check-Act ensures that improvements are carried out more successfully.

Why Coimbee?

Lean and Operational Excellence

Some organizations use the Coimbee Toolbox as part of their Lean or Operational Excellence projects. The goal of Operational Excellence is to bring the reliability to the customer to the highest possible level: right first time, on time and at an excellent price. Operational Excellence is a way of thinking and a belief, but not yet a method to achieve this. Many organizations choose proven methods such as Lean or Agile to achieve Operational Excellence.

Why Coimbee?

Agile working

The Coimbee Toolbox also facilitates Agile working. The four values ​​of Agile are supported by the Coimbee Toolbox. These four values ​​are:

  • Cooperation with the customer;
  • Small steps;
  • Adjust to changes;
  • Multi-disciplinary teams.

Hiërarchisch Team

Why Coimbee?

Agile Team

Why Coimbee?

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Why Coimbee?
Why Coimbee?
Why Coimbee?
Why Coimbee?