What is Coimbee?

Coimbee management software for continuous improvements.

The software facilitates improvements in your company by a well established seven step process

    • Generate

    • Register

    • Select

    • Accomplish

    • Congratulate

    • Report

    • Learn

    The main functionalities of the Coimbee Toolbox

    • Registration of improvement ideas by each team;
    • Employees register improvement ideas;
    • Each team chooses which improvement ideas are implemented;
    • The PDCA checklist supports the successful implementation of improvements;
    • Successfully implemented improvements may be given a special status and be added to the list of successes;
    • Employees may support each other with Likes and comments;
    • The management dashboard clearly shows the status of each improvement for all strategic initiatives and the profits;
    • Reports provide insights, overviews and control of all initiatives.
    • Generate

      The process starts with a new improvement suggestion. An employee or team has an idea how to improve work. This can be an idea to reduce so called ‘waste’ or to improve quality or safety etc.

    • Register

      To keep track of all the improvement suggestions the idea has to be registered in the COIMBEE-Toolbox. Once entered the suggestion is visible to all employees in the entire organization. This transparency will assure a follow-up on this idea.

    • Select

      Each improvement suggestion will be discussed by the team and the team decides which suggestions will be selected to be realized. Management can support the team-members on this.

    • Realize

      Team-members use a structured approach (PDCA-cycle and root-cause-analysis) and checklist. Not only to implement the solution but also to assure the problem will not return.

    • Celebrate

      Once an improvement has been realized it is important to the team to give them credits. And it is important to the organization to show continuous improvement is important and successful.

    • Report

      To keep track of the results you have to inform and report. Financial, learning, interaction and participation are all aspects to report about. This will increase involvement.

    • Learn

      Learn how to improve, share this knowledge and increase the number of successful realized improvements.

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