For whom is Coimbee?

Sectors with successful Coimbee examples

Coimbee is used in all kinds of sectors and organizations, such as schools, healthcare, wholesale, energy companies, business services, realtors and consultancy. Companies may by SME’s or large multinationals. Our customers praise the overview and easy of use of the Coimbee Toolbox.


Our customers use Coimbee for one reason: to become even better. Our customers are already doing well and they do not want to lose that position. They have the incentive to get the best out of their organization. And they have another agreement: our customers are convinced that their employees are the best source of improvement!

We want that!


Any employee with an idea can easily record that idea via the Coimbee Toolbox. Once the idea (also known as an improvement suggestion) has been recorded, it can be determined whether the idea will be taken up, by whom and when. The status of each improvement suggestion is clear to everyone within the organization. This transparency is highly appreciated.

For whom is Coimbee
For whom is Coimbee

Improvement teams

An improvement is often picked up by several employees. This team has a tractor or owner of the improvements. He or she is the first point of contact for management. Every participant in an improvement team can record and follow actions via the Coimbee toolbox. And record via the handy PDCA checklist what the team has already done to make the improvements successful.


A manager has slightly more options in the Coimbee Toolbox, for example via the handy and clear dashboard. A manager can add and remove employees from his team. Perhaps the most important function is that the manager can support and coach the improvement teams, so that improvements can be realized successfully.

For whom is Coimbee
For whom is Coimbee

Management team

A management team can clearly see via the dashboard which teams are active with improvements and what the results are. The insight into which improvements contribute to the strategic initiatives makes it easy to determine which strategic initiatives should be given extra attention.

Improvement expert

In the Coimbee Toolbox there is room for the role of Improvement Expert. This improvement expert can give all employees extra resources through lessons-learned, hints and tips and tools to make improvements even more successful.


HR also uses the Coimbee Toolbox. HR can see to what extent teams and employees are active. In consultation with management and the improvement expert, training and education can be provided that ensure more and more successful improvements.

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For whom is Coimbee
For whom is Coimbee
For whom is Coimbee
For whom is Coimbee