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Continuous improvement? How Coimbee helps you to be and stay successful.

Continuous Improvement can only be successful if you work together with colleagues, employees, customers and chain partners. But precisely because of this, this approach, besides being inspiring, is also vulnerable. The literature gives a success rate of only 15%! … Read More

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Idea sex contributes to solving problems

In this article, we will identify the 6 failure factors for continuous improvement. We discuss the failure factor ‘lack of problem solving capacity’ and give practical tips, for example how idea sex contributes to solving problems. … Read More

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The problem in solving problems

Most companies are very good at solving problems. The reward is also great, because it gives a good feeling to act and to achieve results. But are the problems really solved? … Read More

Kaizen 6 steps

Kaizen 6 steps

Kaizen (改善) is Japanese and means ‘change for the better’ or ‘improvement’. Usually, it is called continuous improvement. Kaizen is a daily process, the purpose of which goes beyond improvement. It is also a process that makes the work environment … Read More

PDCA cyclus

The PDCA checklist ensures successful improvements

Continuous improvement is about using the knowledge and ideas of employees so that there is a continuous stream of suggestions for improvement. Another important part is the successful realization of those improvement suggestions. PDCA checklist. … Read More

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The power of a digital improvement board for continuous improvement (kaizen)

More and more teams are holding a ‘daily huddle’ and are experiencing the power of a digital improvement board for continuous improvement.
In the daily huddle, yesterday and today are discussed in 10 minutes. The KPIs are discussed using the ‘performance board’. An important goal … … Read More

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The benefits of a digital improvement-board (continuous improvement, kaizen)

Using a digital improvement board has several benefits which are described in detail here. It also contains a video explaining these benefits. … Read More

iceberg of ignorance

Undercover boss and continuous improvement (kaizen)

Undercover boss on TV shows how much information is available for continuous improvement (aka Kaizen). Employees have often better ideas than management. … Read More

Continuous improvement and ISO9001 2015

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