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Everyday we think about how we can support your Continuous Improvement process

Our Dream

Work is a place where you can develop your skills and discover your talent. Meaningfull for the organization and you. Energizing and making you proud. Continuous improving your performance, Every day. Step by step.

Our Team

Willem Nooij

Willem Nooij

Willem is a Lean Blackbelt, with a passion for teams. Founder of COIMBEE and everyday in touch with customers to understand their demands.
Ben van Berkel

Ben van Berkel

Partner manager
Ben is specialized in change management, Logistics and APICS educated. The energy starts to flow when Ben enters a team
Freddy Jaarsma

Freddy Jaarsma

IT Architect
Specialized in architecture and software development.
Resul Bakar

Resul Bakar

IT Specialist
Specialized it mobile app architecture and development.
Kaizen ideeensex

You ?

Implementation partner
We are looking for implementation partners in the USA.

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